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Hi again.

We would like to tell you about our Special Offer for a limited time only – we are offering 30% off our advertising for the month of November, December and January.

Our normal price is $60 per month but now only $40, so you can try Cambodian Buzz for yourself with NO CONTRACT just pay by the month.

What Our Service Includes:-

  • Design, writing and managing your Advertising Page (in English).
  • Links to your own social media, website and booking agents.
  • 12,000 flyers per month distributed to visitor already here in Siem Reap, advertising the Cambodian Buzz website and guiding them to your business.
  • Advertising in Pub Street and surrounding areas via Eat – A – Bug carts and we have 6 in total.

  • 4 tuk -tuk drivers using back boards advertise Cambodian Buzz.
  • 300 laminated advertising flyers have been hung in venues and around the Siem Reap area.
  • Cambodian Buzz has an ongoing social media presence where we are gaining more and more followers both locally and internationally.
  • The Cambodian Buzz website is regularly updated.
  • We help reputable charity organizations to advertise what they do free of charge.

…and we do all the hard work for you!

But we give you more!!!

Our Cambodian Buzz Discount & Freebies Page

What is the Cambodian Buzz Freebies & Discount Page?

The Cambodian Buzz Freebies & Discount Page allows you to be not only on the front page of the Cambodian Buzz website but included in the very first article…and exposure like this is very hard to find.

Our number of visitors is increasing daily and we now have thousands of pages viewed on the Cambodian Buzz website each month.

Why We Encourage A Freebie or Discount

No matter what area of business you are in – we encourage you to give a Freebie or Discount. Why?

  • It allows you to be on the front page of the Cambodian Buzz website with a direct link to your Advertising Page
  • In order to claim their Freebie or Discount the customer has to say to your staff “I saw you on Cambodian Buzz”.
  • This allows you to see how effective your advertising is working because you know that the customer is coming from Cambodian Buzz.

The importance of Social Media

There are over 3 billion people using the internet and cannot stress enough the importance of social media. This is one of the singular, major factors that is going to help your business grow.

Most businesses have a Facebook page – and if you don’t have one – you need to create a one. It is totally free, millions of people use Facebook each day and you will be able to find someone to help you. If you grow your social media – you are advertising your business to potential customers on a regular basis.

In order to get followers, you need to be posting articles and pictures that people are interested in. We encourage you to post something once a day at around 12 o’clock (midday) which is the best time to post.

Share your Cambodian Buzz Advertising Page on Facebook at least twice a week.

It can be hard to find things that interest your followers and for the other 5 days this is where Cambodia Buzz helps you.

We have over 200 interesting article on the Cambodian Buzz website written about Siem Reap. We invite you to share any of our articles on your own social media and have easy to use Share Buttons.

The more interesting your own social media – the more people you will get a following your business – but it takes a little effort.

How Cambodian Buzz Can Help You More

The world of social media can be confusing – but this is where we can help. 

If you fill out the Business Information Form on the next page and give us an idea of what your business is about – we will send you How To Be A Social Media Guru and Make Your Business Grow.

This is an easy to use, step-by-step guide that will show you everything you need to know about social media. We use YouTube clips and explanation to show you how you can make a big impact and make your business grow.

We give this to you FREE!

So just press the button below

If you have any queries in the meantime please call Lily Phy +855 93 73 74 95 who will be able to assist you.




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