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Hi there.

We are introducing a brand new concept coming to Siem Reap called Cambodian Buzz. It is an innovative advertising platform that could substantially increase your business and like nothing seen here before.

Many business owners know that to utilize advertising effectively, you either need to be pounding the pavements or spending a fortune on advertising costs….this is where Cambodian Buzz changes all that and we do all the work for you at an economical price.

Cambodian Buzz is designed to give visitors to Siem Reap all the tourist information they need…and more, while at the same time advertising your business

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Eating Out



Beauty And Other Important Things


How Does Cambodian Buzz Work?

Cambodian Buzz is a specifically designed, highly structured, internet platform that not only showcases to visitors what is available in Siem Reap – but advertises your business in a dramatic and professional way.

Within Cambodian Buzz, you will have your own Individual Advertising Page that acts like a mini website with your details, location and promotion all in one place. 

PLUS: No longer will visitors and tuk-tuk drivers get confused in finding you – because we have included a Google Map on your Individual Advertising Page.

This will solve a big problem for many businesses that are hard to find or a little out of town – because now tourists can quickly and easily find you.

How Cambodian Buzz Can Help You

Siem Reap is one of the most internet friendly places in Asia with most businesses offering free WiFi.

The internet is the most popular medium for advertising in this modern age.

We offer you the ability to showcase your business like never before.

Your business will be actively marketed under the Cambodian Buzz umbrella, which act like the master website which we look after for you. We provide updated information for tourists, fresh articles put on our website, promote Cambodian Buzz through social media and have a direct marketing campaign directed at tourists already here in Siem Reap.

Your individual Advertising Page acts like a mini website and is great if you do not have a website, or a fantastic segway to get people to your own website.

We provide links on your Individual Advertising Page to your own website, TripAdvisor, social media…or anywhere you want customers to go.

We will do all the promotion, advertising and work for you.

We also provide a Google Map, so customers can quickly and easily find you.

The Cambodian Buzz platform has been specifically designed – so that your business is easy to find and won’t get lost among the crowd.

We have purpose structured categories plus designed a FAST FIND A SECTION and FAST FIND A PAGEso customers can easily locate you. Look at our article How to Use This Website for more information.

This is called Digital Advertising and Cambodian Buzz is a Digital Travel Guide, which will present your business in the best possible way to tourists already here or coming to Siem Reap. 

What Is The Advantages Of A Digital Travel Guide?

There is no denying that the internet is the way of the future and business owners are also realizing that advertising on the internet, provides much more scope than traditional methods of the past.

Now digital advertising can be utilized like never before, enabling you to present your business in a far more dramatic and professional way (see example).

On Your Individual Advertising Page You Can Use Your Own –

Promotional video

Promotional Photographs

Links to your own website and TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and all social media.

Allows you to share your Individual Advertising Page on your social media.

…and if you don’t have promotional material –  that’s OK because we will show you how to make your own.


Cambodian Buzz will give you FREE – How To Be A Social Media Guru And Increase Your Business.

This is a short, easy to use course that can produce results for your business like never before.

Our informative course is an easy to follow, step by step guide that will help you understand:-

  • The world of social media.
  • How to set up your social media account.
  • How to make your business grow using social media.
  • How to make your own promotional material.

You will find this is an invaluable tool that will reap rewards for your business.

What Else Will Cambodia Buzz Do To Help Me?

Cambodian Buzz is a revolutionary advertising platform available for both big and small businesses located in Siem Reap. 

We will do all the marketing for you and have a strong, grassroots strategy to get traffic to Cambodian Buzz – and customers to you.

We target your specific demographic and they are tourists already here, or planning to come to Siem Reap.

We will do all the marketing for you on a local and international level.

Cambodian Buzz has a continued marketing strategy to present Siem Reap as a viable world tourist destination.

We will also write, configure and lay out your Individual Advertising Page for you FREE of charge and this is our way of helping you get started.

What If English Is Not Your First Language

If English is not your first language, Cambodian Buzz is perfect – because you now have the opportunity to present your business on a professional, internet platform.

We will give you the help you need and write your Individual Advertise Page for you in English –  then manage the Cambodian Buzz Website and do the marketing for you.

This is a wonderful opportunity for smaller Khmer businesses to get involved because now you have the opportunity to advertise on a powerful internet platform within Siem Reap – and we help you do it.  

Cambodian Buzz does not officially launch until 22nd August 2017, however, we have have had our website on the internet in near completion since the 5th April 2017.

From that time, Cambodian Buzz has received over 3,500 wonderful reviews from people who have discovered our website. Our most popular article to date is First They Killed My Father, the 3rd movie directed by Angelina Jolie and premiered in Siem Reap. 

We are so confident that our advertising will help increase your business and we want to prove it.

For a limited time only, we are offering One Month FREE Advertising with absolutely NO strings attached.


Because we want you to try Cambodian Buzz for yourself.



Please note: We do not include any adult content and Cambodian Buzz is a family friendly tourist information site.


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