Angkor Legacy Academy

We see education as an empowering tool to lift Cambodians out of poverty and we are looking for volunteers to help us.

Cambodia remains one of the least developed countries in the world, still recovering from the shadows of a decade-long civil war and genocide. Many people live on the brink of poverty, with little or no access to food, medical services, or even clean water.

Founded by Sovannarith Sok in April 2011, Angkor Legacy Academy has been providing free education to children from poor family backgrounds in Lolei Village, located in the Bakong Commune, just 14 km east of Siem Reap.

In Lolei, there is a primary school teaching only Khmer language and no computer skills…we hope to change this.

There are only 5 state teachers serving over 500 kindergarten and primary school children. Most people are illiterate and work as farmers or in construction.

Broken families and other effects of the war have led to Cambodia having a hard time trying to rebuild its’ society.

Rice, water and salt supplemented by the collection of frogs and red ants are the staple diet for many of the children in the Lolei community.

Mothers that are unable to produce milk for their babies are forced to feed them on water from boiled rice. Malnutrition amongst infants and children leads to poor development and in worse cases death.

Angkor Legacy Academy food program aims to provide basic food staples to the neediest in the community and donations are the only source of funding for this project.

Angkor Legacy Acadamy is a non-profit charity academy that endeavors to empower the community through education and outreach programs. Through education and basic health and safety standards our goal is to diminish illness and preventable injuries.

The tourism sector in Cambodia is a major source of employment but to work in the sector, English and computer literacy skills are essential. However, due lack of resources, this is almost an impossible goal for many children but we hope to change that.

We rely on donations to keep Angkor Legacy Academy up and running with the help of volunteers to pass on their skills. We provide free English lessons and when we have enough equipment; our aim is to give computer lessons to every child in Lolei.

Angkor Legacy Academy believes that every child has the right to a free, high-quality education to enable them to gain employment in the future. 

We want to make our academy a place to develop useful skills so the people can break out of poverty.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated!

Please see our website for further details or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more options of volunteering in Siem Reap, please visit our Volunteer Section.


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