Artisans Angkor

Watch amazing crafts people carve stone, work wood and make silk to create the most beautiful pieces of art that you will treasure from your trip to Siem Reap.

Artisans Angkor is long-established that strives to preserve and promote Cambodian Arts and Crafts while contributing the fair development of communities. Helping the local people for many years, Artisans Angkor allows families to earn an income while passing their skills onto the younger generation.

Angkor Artisan

Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian company which was created in the 1990’s.

It was designed to help rural people find work near their home village and to date, has trained over 260 apprentices.

“Our training is designed to give professional skills to young people with limited education.

Developing self-awareness and promoting personal development is also an important part of the process.”

There are 48 workshops operating in 14 sites, which has created an environment of fair working conditions and presently employs over 1,200 people including 800 artisans.

By offering this opportunity, Artisans Angkor is helping families get ahead by adopting equitable conditions for all and the workers own 20% of the shares in the company.

You can even try some stone masonry for yourself with our interactive carving area that lets you try out your skill.

Over the years, Artisans Angkor has become a showcase of Khmer workmanship for its silk fabrics, garments, stone & wood carving, lacquerware, ceramics, silver plating and silk painting.

It really is wonderful to see the artists at work then later you can take a browse around the showroom, which displays tasteful and meticulously crafted works that will appeal to most people’s eye.

Come and visit us Artisans Angkor where you’ll enjoy the creative experience!

Cost: Entry Free

Plus see our Silk Farm 20 minutes from Siem Reap and free shuttle bus x 2 daily or learn more about our craft tours.

See our website for further details or look us up on (just press the link) Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor.



Contact Details:

Open daily 7.30 am – 6.00 pm

Telephone: 092 777 462 or 092 777 464

Email: [email protected]


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