Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar

A chilled out place where you can try our traditional cocktails

We are unique!

Only a short walk away from Pub Street, Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar has been transformed and will take you to another world.

Tastefully decorated with a flair of Cambodian countryside, we use local products in a very creative way. Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar is the only original house that still exists in the old market district area and is maintained in old traditional Khmer style…and carries our unique flair and ambiance. 

Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar

Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar. Enjoy a cocktail with us!

Chilled and laid back where you can enjoy a few drinks and relax

Asana is a very old word meaning ‘sitting down’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. We want you to sit down, relax and enjoy what we have to offer.

Carrying a good selection of wines and cocktails while offering Asian finger food with an infusion of traditional countryside flavors.

Whether you are in our garden, inside or under the house, Asana Old Wooden House Cocktail Bar is a charming and calming place to discover in Siem Reap.

We have a wonderful menu and specialize in professionally made cocktails infused with traditional flovors.

We also hold Cocktail Classes.

You can now learn how to use our traditional Khmer herbs, spices and infused rice spirits to create delicious cocktails for yourself.

Opening Hours: Every day  6 pm – 1 am

Cocktail Class Program

Duration: 90 minutes + drinks

Daily courses at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm

USD $15 per person

Booking required and we take reservations every day until 5 pm. 

Classes in both English or Khmer

Step 1:

Discover various Khmer spices, roots, herbs and sugars.  Test the Sombais’ infused rice spirit for cocktails.

Step 2:
Learn to create Khmer cocktails you are interested in
(Ginger Mojito, Tamarind sauce, Little Sweet, Asana Sling, The Lane etc….)

Step 3:
Get inspired and create your own Khmer cocktail with roots, herbs or infused rice spirits!

Call us to book your class +855 92 987 801

See our website for more details or TripAdvisor and Facebook.



Address: Street 7 (Pub Street area).

Old Market District, Siem Reap.

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