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Art Box

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Art Box – Where Art Comes Alive! Art Box is the world’s largest museum of fantasy beyond the limits of trick art….and what is trick art you may ask? Where optical illusions are created and taking 2D art in such a way, so it feels that it is 3-D and has come alive. This [...]

Cambodian Cultural Village

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Cambodian Cultural Village A visit to Cambodian Cultural Village…is like a whirlwind tour of Cambodia, with 13 unique villages, which represent different cultural heritages in the country. Our complex covers a total area of 210,000 square meters and our cultural theme park was constructed in 2001 then opened to the public on 24 September [...]

Sunrise and Sunset at The Temples Of Siem Reap


Seeing sunrise and sunset at the temples of Siem Reap is an attraction that lots of people come here to experience…partly because the area has a special feeling and resonates with so many visitors. Angkor Wat is the most popular temple in Siem Reap, especially for either sunrise or sunset with approximately 2 million tourists coming [...]

Living Among The Dead


Living Among The Dead The Cambodian people are very spiritual which comes from their rich history and punctuated by tragic interludes that has scarred this land – but only making their faith stronger. Because this country has seen so much tragedy…many Khmer people believe that spirits still wonder and some claim they have seen [...]

Tip Top Tuk Tuk

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Tip Top Tuk Tuk – Tours and Transportation Hi my name is Choung... I am an experienced tuk tuk driver and would be happy to assist you while you are on holiday here in Siem Reap. A tuk tuk driver for over 8 years in the Siem Reap, I offer a whole range of [...]

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