At Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Retreat Meditation Center we offer a six-day Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat in Siem Reap – Cambodia like no other.

If you are at a cross-roads and looking for some meaning….maybe our six-day is just what you need.

  • Are you looking for Inspiration?

  • Feel the spirit, but cannot fully connect?

  • Need help to heal from past traumas that just don’t let you go on with your life?

  • Looking for the purpose of your life?

  • Need help to rediscover your passionate, sensual self?

  • Why did you incarnate, this time? What is it that you came here for?

  • Love and passion in relationships elude you due to chakra and past life issues? We can help fix that.

  • What is your karma?

  • Your chakras are sometimes open but you don’t yet see the light? We can help.

  • You have been all around the spirituality circuit and are ready for something real, concrete and something that makes sense.

  • Simply looking to go deeper with yourself, perhaps searching for the Divine spark within?

  • Ready to transform your life?

Cost: Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Retreat Meditation Center – Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat Full 6-day treatment and learning program US $554.

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Contact Details

Telephone: +855 077-804-814

Address: 66 Wayism Road, Siem Reap

We are on Viber and WhatsApp