There are many forgotten whispers that echo secrets of the ancient Khmer empire – and the famous Angkor Wat is one of them.

Recently a strange and relatively, little spoken of mystery structure has been uncovered that has baffled archaeologists and historians alike.

An array of strange towers and spirals have been found under the ground surface of Angkor Wat – one of the 7 Wonders of the World, which were discovered using ground penetrating radar.

Something Strange Found Under Angkor WatA university from Australia used the penetrating equipment to see if there was anything under this unique structure – and they came across something they did not expect.

Spanning more than 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) in length, located on the south side of Angkor Wat a mysterious structure was uncovered underground, which up until now has been totally lost.

Archaeologists, geologists and scientists have no idea about what this strange structure was used for.

Some think that it may have been an ancient shrine and possibly demolished to make way for something else, while others believe it could be something far more sophisticated.

Some suggest that it is an ancient power grid that was used to generate electrical energy, like the pyramids of Egypt – Angkor Wat was some type of generator that was able to produce its own power supply.

Did these ancient people have knowledge of things that have been lost today… it certainly appears that way from evidence found all over the world. 

The Ancient Khmer people were also extraordinary architects and engineers that is still evident by what remains behind today.

Angkor Wat is built on a water table that rises and falls with the tropical rainfall, while Bayon Temple has 216 large Buddha faces carved within its towers. There are many ancient temples is Siem Reap and they truly are amazing, while some believe they possess their own unique energy of their own.

It seems that many of these significant ancient monuments still standing today were built on Ley Lines (energy lines of the earth)…and Angkor Wat is no exception.

Was this earth energy harnessed by Angkor Wat as some believe?

Another interesting theory comes from observations made of aerial views of Teotihuacan in Mexico – a Mayan Pyramid. Archaeologists discovered that when looking down from a height, the similarities to a modern day circuit board are uncanny and believe that the complex’s layout was leaving a message behind for us. 

With the many temples still being discovered in the jungles of Cambodia – were these very advanced, ancient Khmer engineers trying to show future generations information that has since been lost. Like the Pyramid of Teotihuacan – was Angkor Wat part of some grand system that was leaving behind the knowledge that would unlock many hidden secrets.

What is this strange structure under Angkor Wat? Could it be it much older and sophisticated than what our scientists and archaeologists can imagine?  

This we may never know….

but finding new discoveries, may help us find the key to this land’s hidden history by finding some answers and solving mysteries that have been lost in the torn pages of Cambodian’s past.

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