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The Bug Cart Hall of Fame

Where we pay homage to you!

This is dedicated to those adventurers, who have come to Siem Reap and eaten an edible bug from The Bug Cart.

Like our Facebook Page and send us your video then we will put you in one of The Bug Cart Remixes, so the world can see your iron will, nerves of steel…and that YOU took the challenge.

We also post your video on our The Bug Cart and Cambodian Buzz Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+  so you can share with your family and friends.

Our videos can also be shared from our YouTube Chanel plus you can follow us on Instagram, Google+and Twitter @TheBugCart or see our pictures in The Gallery.

Come and join the fun in Siem Reap! 

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About The Bug Cart

7 Good Reason To Eat Bugs

Our YouTube Chanel For Remix Titles


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