Come and make your own bullet jewellery right here in Siem Reap!

The Creative Heart of Cambodia

Why not try one of our Ammo Jewellery Making Workshops!  It’s a unique and fun activity, where you join our Cambodian team to learn and make your own special piece to take home.

Alongside the rich heritage of the temples, jewellery-making has a thriving scene in the city. This unique, one-of a kind workshop, is hosted by Ammo, a jewellery brand and social enterprise that provides training, mentorship and new livelihoods to young Cambodians.
Ammo is located amongst tranquil gardens and a fruit tree orchard, in Wat Bo district, just 5 minutes up the river from the city centre.
Ammo is short for ammunition, and the local artisans specialise in using recycled brass bullet casings and silver for jewellery making. The bullets are recycled new blank casings, as the time of finding in the fields after the last conflict has now thankfully passed.
In your workshop, the Ammo jewellery teacher will be your creative guide, and will show you traditional Khmer stamping techniques and design skills. You can try your hand at using blowtorch and foot bellows, or squash your bullet in the rolling mill! 
The teacher will then assist you to create your very own piece of jewellery to take home, as a unique keepsake of your time in Cambodia! 

Free hotel pick up service available


Creating a disk or bullet pendant will take around 1.5 hours at a cost of $32.00 per person.
More complex pieces like earrings, rings or bangles require at least 2.5 hours, starting at $60.00 per person.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am – 11.30am 
(Individual or private groups of up to 6 people are welcome, and children from ages 5 – 15 can also have a discounted rate).

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