Cambodia War Remnants Museum is moving, personal…and something you would not want to miss out on when coming to Siem Reap.

While the grounds look a bit shabby and there is a sectioned areas that is roped off…this land holds dark and quiet secrets, which on first glance are not evident until you delve a little deeper.

This is Siem Reaps version of The Killing Fields – where people were round up, then killed and buried in mass graves on this location. What makes coming here so uniquely different…the guides have all been victim of the Pol-Pot era.

Each of these special guides are landmine victims themselves and wanted to get together to show what happened in their country. This is their way of sharing the experience with others who come to Cambodia, and their personal contribution to promoting peace in this world we live in.

Each has their own heart-wrenching story as you are lead around this unassuming area, where you will hear a tale that scars humanity – and left the people of Siem Reap in tatters.

You will have the opportunity to be up close to the weapons that they have excavated in this area alone and see a gallery of pictures, which brings home the true story of what really took place.

Plus you will gain a personal insight from someone who lived through this period and their own story of survival.

Cambodia War Remnants Museum has only been operating for a short time and through the support of kind hearted volunteers, they are making a way forward in promoting their message of peace.

This museum runs entirely on the small entry fee that the organization charge to keep operating.

This is a place where you will feel the sadness permeating through…but also the spark of hope of a new and brighter future – not only for Cambodia – but the entire world.

TIP: There is very little signage and Cambodia War Remnant Museum is hard to find….but easy when you know how.

YOU DO NOT NEED A TEMPLE TICKET even though you go through the same check point when entering the temples – just explain to the ticket operator where you are going. The alternative route is via Charles De Gaulle (one of the major roads in Siem Reap) and follow the Google Map for directions on getting there.




Please visit our website for further details or see us on Facebook – and please let us know that you saw us on Cambodian Buzz

Telephone: 012 24 11 201 or 097 60 111 02

Admission: US $4.00 (which includes a guided tour by a victim effected by land mines).

Opening Hours: 7:30am–12pm 1:30pm–5pm

Address: Mondul III Village, Slorkram Commune, Siem Reap