Hariharalaya Retreat Center

2017-03-17T03:12:25+00:00 Classes and Retreats|

Learn and practice Integral Yoga & Meditation with an inspiring community of like-minded people living in a traditional Cambodian village. At Hariharalaya Retreat Center - Our Yoga and Meditation Learning Center is spread out over 2 acres of jungle gardens in the shade of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. We offer authentic, inspiring and affordable 6 Day Retreat Programs to suit [...]

Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Retreat Meditation Center

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At Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Retreat Meditation Center we offer a six-day Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat in Siem Reap - Cambodia like no other. If you are at a cross-roads and looking for some meaning….maybe our six-day is just what you need. Are you looking for Inspiration? Feel the spirit, but cannot fully connect? Need help [...]

The Cambodian Circus Work Shop

2017-08-25T05:27:28+00:00 Classes and Retreats|

Circus Workshop Have you ever dreamt of running away and joining the circus....well now you can! The Cambodian Circus Work Shop, not only boasts a world class circus (unique because no animals are used) - however they also offer the exceptional opportunity - to learn new skills directly from the performers who are in the show. In our classes you will [...]

Gemology Class

2017-08-25T05:46:46+00:00 Classes and Retreats|

Gemology Classes Technical aspects and gem materials Gemology is the study of natural, synthetic and imitation gems and our course is great for those who are already in the industry, want to be in the industry….or gem enthusiasts alike. We cover a basic introduction to major gemstones commonly found in Cambodian market places. This beginner [...]

United Yoga

2017-08-25T06:09:26+00:00 Classes and Retreats|

United Yoga Offers you a whole variety of yoga classes in Siem Reap that caters for beginners to more advanced students. What could be better than doing yoga in Siem Reap not far Angkor Wat one of the biggest ancient religious monuments in the world? Basics & Beyond This class is specially designed for [...]

Ceramics Painting

2017-08-25T06:37:07+00:00 Classes and Retreats|

Ceramics Painting Create a memento from Siem Reap that has personal meaning to you Do you want to create something really unique…that you can keep always? You can do that by painting your own ceramics. We will provide you with two elephant mugs, plus coordinating saucers and there are no limits to your imagination. It doesn’t [...]

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