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Trav Kot Moving Echo Tourism Forward Trav Kot is a pristine lake with transparent water and natural landscape located on the East side of Siem Reap town, which is approximately a 1-hour drive away and found in Bakong District. It is the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend or if you want to get back in [...]

Angkor Centre For Conservation Of Biodiversity

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Angkor Centre For Conservation Of Biodiversity Cambodia is making strides in caring for the environment and coming to Siem Reap, you will see how clean the city is. The Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) is a continuation of this commitment and is located near the famous temples of Angkor. It is the [...]

Jungle Nature Tour

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This tour offers a great opportunity for visitors in Cambodia to indulge in the natural surroundings of lush forest and jungle - while spotting native wildlife during this unique day trip. The tour leaves from Siem Reap and here you will learn about the local flora and fauna from our knowledgeable nature guides. You will stroll along [...]

Bees Unlimited

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Bees Unlimited is a leader in Cambodia, when it comes to promoting the practice of rafter beekeeping and sustainable honey harvesting. We are the only facility of its kind in the country, where a comprehensive village based bee-keeping program has been introduced. It combines technology with hands on practical training in indigenous bee keeping [...]

Green E–Bike

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Our E-Bikes are an eco-friendly way of exploring the temples without leaving your carbon footprint behind. Green E- Bikes run on electricity and allow you to travel without effort, pollution or noise. Solely relying on rechargeable battery, the E-Bike does not generate any air pollution and is completely silent - with its impact on the [...]

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