Having a Holiday and Why It’s a Must

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There are so many benefits to having regular holidays...and important for many areas of our life. We dream of white sandy beaches that stretch along for miles or a holiday with adventure discovering ancient temples - but why is it so important to take a regular vacation? There have been numerous medical and psychological studies into why [...]

What Meditation Does For The Mind

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What meditation does for the mind has been the subject of numerous studies... and the results may just surprise you. As a man thinks - so he becomes.... The Origins of Meditation: As we weave though the cobwebs of history, researchers speculate that primitive hunter-gatherers discovered meditation and it's altered state, while staring into the flames of [...]

The Magic Of Massage

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Everyone needs to experience the magic of massage...and it has been proven to have numerous health benefits. Massage soothes the mind, body and soul... it has been used for centuries and adopted among many ancient civilizations for a variety of purposes. The first written records of massage being used, can be found in medical texts from China, dating back [...]

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