Sokkhak Spa

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The name Sokkhak means tranquilly and that is what we want you to feel when you leave our spa. Sokkhak Spa offers you total relaxation...because you deserve it. Our skin is the largest organ and it reflects what we eat, our lifestyle and overall health and well being. Some skin demands intensive care and [...]

Kaya Spa & Cafe

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We hope you will spend an unforgettable experience with us at Kaya Spa & Cafe After you finish pampering yourself then feel a bit peckish - enjoy fresh and daily prepared Khmer deserts, while you watch the activity of the bustling market pass by. We have selected a combination of traditional Khmer herbal and [...]

Baray Spa

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Our trained and professional staff welcome you to a totally relaxing experience...and that's what we think holidays are for. We offer you the best in therapies available and have a wide variety of treatments in our portfolio SHIRODHARA: which is a form of Ayurveda Therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead, which promotes a [...]

BT Massage

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Welcome to BT Massage - where we specialize in massages to relax the mind and soul. We're located in an oriental style building in Wat Bo Street in the heart of Siem Reap and proud to say that we have been here since 2004 being the first massage on this road. We give a [...]

De Kampuchea Spa

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At De Kampuchea Spa we are committed to provide unique treatments, blending Asian healing techniques, with age-old beauty recipes featuring the curative benefits of fresh, natural and quality ingredients which will facilitate a relaxation experience. Using balancing expertise with an intuitive sense of well-being and through the contemporary expression of centuries-old therapies; De Kampuchea Spa [...]

Jenny Skin Care Centre

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Jenny Skin Care Centre is specialized in facial and skin treatments by using high technology equipment and medical cosmetics imported from Korea. We want you to have beautiful skin and specialize in problem areas Our well-being and beauty salon offers an extensive portfolio including:- Slimming Massage Acupuncture Therapy Freckle and Point Removal Treatment Acne [...]

Lemongrass Garden Spa

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Our salons are designed for ultimate relaxation with fragrant flowers and the chimes of peaceful music playing in the background We invite you to explore our range of relaxing beauty and health oriented treatments and discover why Lemongrass Garden has become the most popular day spa in Siem Reap. Our wonderful team are fully [...]

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