Visaya Spa

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Visaya Spa Enjoy the Experience From the moment you slip inside the herbal steam bath at Visaya Spa, or under the masterful hands of our masseuse - the outside world begins to melt away. A smell the lavender, cedarwood and rosemary lingers in the air and used during every massage, which sets a sublime mood. Take [...]

Frangipani Spa

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Frangipani Spa Where Quality Makes A Difference Frangipani Spa has an excellent reputation in providing professional and inspiring treatments, where you will discover hidden secrets of Asian beauty and age reduction techniques. Highly trained therapists will help you to choose the best treatment for you from our extensive portfolio that we offer. At Frangipani Spa, we offer [...]

Tara Angkor Spa

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Tara Angkor Spa We integrating the four vital elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire within our treatments that promotes inner peace to the soul. Tara Angkor Spa offers a truly healing experience through its holistic approach to achieving the perfect balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Tara means “water” which is both the essence and [...]

Devatara Spa

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Devatara Spa Cambodian owed and designed to rejuvenate your body and soul Using our healing body massages or other range of treatments which are designed to restore balance and inner peace. Davatara in Khmer means tranquility, peace and beauty...which is what we attain to offer you. Our spa is fully air-conditioned with a relaxing [...]

Pura Vida

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"Pura Vida maintains an unwavering commitment to be the best of the best…and client satisfaction is our aim for the ultimate experience in relaxation" Our trained masseuses provide a variety of services including massage, facial, herbal compression, manicure, pedicure, foot scrub, body scrub, eyelash curling and eyelash extension. We offer a friendly and relaxing [...]

Khmer Relief Spa

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Khmer Relief Spa  Provides menu of superb massages, pampering facial and invigorating body treatments  Welcoming to Khmer Relief Spa, where you will be treated with traditional Khmer friendliness. Khmer Relief Spa was established with the vision of providing an environment where guests can retreat from the world and emerge with a renewed sense of [...]

Master Feet

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Master Feet A great massage at a great price Take time out for some well-deserved relaxation on your holiday in Siem Reap and experience the array of wonderful places that you can go chill out. Master Feet is centrally located, where you can relax in air conditioned comfort and get a massage at bargain prices. Master Feet [...]

Oriental Princess Spa

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Oriental Princess Spa To make sure you go home totally relaxed We will pamper you while you are here in Siem Reap, offering Khmer, Thai and Swedish massages....and all our sevices are reasonably priced. We have a portfolio of treatments that will make you feel completely relaxed which includes head to toe beauty. We offer [...]

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