A Second Chance

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A Second Chance Learning again Source of article Khmer Time Cambodia has a tumultuous history, which has gone from great prosperity to tragedy and now it is beginning to rebuild itself after a long, devastating war. Lead by Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge decimated this country, which killed an estimated 1/3 of [...]

Conserving Cambodia and Looking After Their Endangered Wild Life

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Conserving Cambodia Looking After The Endangered Wildlife After a 20 year war that finished in 1998, Cambodian is now on the road to recovery, while taking steps to preserve their unique wildlife. The Royal Turtle is also known as the Southern River Terrapin, is one of the world’s rarest freshwater turtles and is Cambodia’s [...]

Living Among The Dead

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Living Among The Dead The Cambodian people are very spiritual which comes from their rich history and punctuated by tragic interludes that has scarred this land – but only making their faith stronger. Because this country has seen so much tragedy…many Khmer people believe that spirits still wonder and some claim they have seen [...]

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