Living Among The Dead

2017-08-25T02:22:24+00:00 Blog|

Living Among The Dead The Cambodian people are very spiritual which comes from their rich history and punctuated by tragic interludes that has scarred this land – but only making their faith stronger. Because this country has seen so much tragedy…many Khmer people believe that spirits still wonder and some claim they have seen [...]

7 Good Reasons To Eat Bugs

2017-12-10T03:49:48+00:00 Blog|

7 Good Reasons To Eat Bugs Have you ever thought about snacking on a scorpion... maybe crunching a cockroach...or even tasting a tarantula? Many Cambodian people find these bugs very palatable and it is something that you my like to try in Siem Reap.  Make sure you go to  THE BUG CART where you a safe [...]

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