Artisans Angkor

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Artisans Angkor Watch amazing crafts people carve stone, work wood and make silk to create the most beautiful pieces of art that you will treasure from your trip to Siem Reap. Artisans Angkor is long-established that strives to preserve and promote Cambodian Arts and Crafts while contributing the fair development of communities. Helping the local people [...]

Microlight Cambodia

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Microlight Cambodia Welcome to Microlight Cambodia! Fly around the temples of Angkor, lush jungles, floating villages, and flooded forests in a Microlight Aircraft. Cambodia’s incredible landscape is covered with unspoiled natural beauty, splendid rice fields, palm trees, countryside with mountains in the back ground, empty beaches, bustling markets, vibrant cities and the largest set [...]

Art Box

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Art Box Where Art Comes Alive! Art Box is the world’s largest museum of fantasy beyond the limits of trick art….and what is trick art you may ask? Where optical illusions are created and taking 2D art in such a way, so it feels that it is 3-D and has come alive. This is [...]


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Map of Siem Reap . FAST FIND A SECTION:  (Just click the link) Home:    Temple of Siem Reap:     Fun Activities:    Hotels:     Eating Out:   Nightlife:   Beauty...and Other Important Things:   Eat A Bug:       Eat - A - Bug Hall Of Fame: Cambodian Buzz Photo Gallery:  Alternative Therapies:    Classes [...]

Smile of Angkor

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Smile of Angkor Smile of Angkor is full of laser lights and special effects - enjoy a fantastic evening that shares an indelible experience of hope. Smile of Angkor is a captivating mix of traditional music, dazzling dances and enchanting tales of this country's striking history. Six beautifully performed acts take you through the ancient past [...]

Reclining Buddha

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Reclining Buddha A sacred Cambodian site Reclining Buddha is found on Kulen Mountain Kulen (50 kilometers - 30 miles from Siem Reap) and is considered the most sacred mountain in Cambodia. Walk around the back of the Buddha and you will see that people have placed small notes with prayers for their families and [...]

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