Prei Monti

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GET DIRECTIONS Prei Monti Prei Monti is a place to go if you are seeking a bit of an adventure and like a challenge. Surrounded by untamed Cambodian jungle, this small temple is now a forgotten, sacred ruin that was believed to be built in the 9th century….but no one really knows for sure. [...]

Lolei Temple

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GET DIRECTIONS  . Lolei Temple Lolei Temple was built in 889AD and still very much a sacred place…here you will have an experience like no other. This is still a practicing monastery, where young monks are trained in disciplines of the Buddhist religion. The existing Lolei Temple was built on sacred ground by King [...]

Bakheng Temple

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GET DIRECTIONS . Bakheng Temple Colorful bushes in bloom line each side of the Bakheng Temple stand in grand and magnificent beauty. You can still see the amazing splendor that this place once held and is a rare gem against the jungle - which is nothing short of impressive. Bakheng Temple was built at the [...]

Preah Ko Temple

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GET DIRECTIONS . Preah Ko Temple The Ancient Khmer people took death very seriously and they had several temples dedicated to the departed. Preah Ko Temple was built 879 AD and believed to be to be a funerary temple for the Khmer Royal Family in the old city of Hariharalaya before it moved to [...]

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