Bayon Pastry School

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Bayon Pastry School A Good Cake For A Good Cause If you want a delicious cake and help a worthy cause – come and see us. Located in a peaceful and relaxing garden in the heart of Siem Reap, Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop offers you a tasty pastry freshly baked by our students. [...]

Donating Blood

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Donating Blood You could save someone’s life by donating blood It is fast, easy and safe We only use sterile equipment in our new and modern blood donation wing You can donate blood at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and not only save someone’s life but in return, receive some great health benefits. Health Benefits [...]

Full Belly Farm

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Full Belly Farm An initiative of ABC’s and Rice Full Belly Farm consists of; a large scale fish farm, a growing chicken coop capable of housing up to 700 chickens, banana trees and large vegetable patches. It employs local people and teaches them the skills to completely run the farm, as well as equips [...]

ABCs and Rice

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ABCs and Rice Nourishment for the Children of Cambodia ABCs and Rice is different to most Non-Government Organizations (NGO) schools in Siem Reap. In addition to providing a much-needed free education in English and Khmer, we offer various food programs to nourish the children’s bodies as well as their minds. Education in Cambodia comes at [...]

Hungry Monkey

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Hungry Monkey You can make a difference! Remember the trips to the school or community library as a child? Like most kids, were you hungry to get your hands on something interesting or exciting to read? Children around the world are the same and they still get fired up about the enchantment of a [...]

Angkor Legacy Academy

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Angkor Legacy Academy We see education as an empowering tool to lift Cambodians out of poverty and we are looking for volunteers to help us. Cambodia remains one of the least developed countries in the world, still recovering from the shadows of a decade-long civil war and genocide. Many people live on the brink of poverty, [...]

Angkor Children’s Hospital Is Making A Difference To Cambodia

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After the Khmer Rouge decimated this country, Cambodia was left with a mere 50 doctors who survived - and it has taken much rebuilding to restore a health care system for the people. It is estimated that 3 million people were killed, out of a population of just over 8 million in Cambodia, during the years [...]

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