Siem Reap is a food lovers paradise…and there are lots of cheap eats to be found here. 

There are many wonderful places for cheap eats in Siem Reap and if you are on a budget, there is a wide variety of cuisines including Khmer, Italian, Indian, Steak Houses, Vegetarian and Western food.

There are lots of places to eat in Siem Reap and most meals are inexpensive compared to many countries however, if you are on a strict budget, Siem Reap is a great place for eating.

Cheap EatsThe food is fresh, clean, well prepared with lots of variety to choose from.

There are many places to eat where you will get yummy food at bargain prices.

Small restaurants are often run by local Khmer people, who have a family owned business, all speak English and are clean to dine at.

Sok San Road is only a short walk from Pub Street and around this area, you will find some cool – and cheap places to hang out.

They serve delicious food that includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta, Thai food and traditional Khmer cuisine with the average meal costing between $2 – $4.00.

You can also get cheap food from local Khmer street vendors, which are a frequent sight in Siem Reap and for the average meal usually will cost between $1.50 – $2.00.

If you have a sweet tooth and like your deserts – you will also find a number of street stalls who serve freshly made banana crepe or ice cream rolls. Prpared as you wait – it is fascinating to see how skilled the vendors are when making your delicious treat.



Beer in Siem Reap is as cheap as water and many places serve beer for 50 cents all day long.  During the evening when Pub Street is pumping, visitor and locals often dance in the street – this is a place where the nightlife is awesome!

Lining the road at night are small stalls that sell a variety of cocktails to suit most people’s taste and at the price of $1.50 per drink – how can you resist?

If fresh fruit or vegetable juice is more to your taste…Siem Reap is fantastic for natural ingredients with juice vendors that offer an array of freshly squeezed, vitamin rich shakes – that cost $1.00 each.

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