Donating Blood

You could save someone’s life by donating blood

It is fast, easy and safe

We only use sterile equipment in our new and modern blood donation wing

You can donate blood at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and not only save someone’s life but in return, receive some great health benefits.

Health Benefits of Donating Blood:-

Hemochromatosis – Iron overload.

Hemochromatosis is a health condition that arises due to excess absorption of iron by the body. This may be caused due anaemia, alcoholism or other disorders.

Regular blood donation may help in reducing iron overload that can accumulate in our body.

Intake of iron rich diet may increase the iron levels and since only limited proportions can be absorbed, excess iron builds up in the heart, liver, and pancreas.

This increases the risk of cirrhosis, liver failure, damage to the pancreas and heart abnormalities like irregular heart rhythms.

 Anti-Cancer Benefits:

A reduction in the iron level in the body is linked with low cancer risk.

Healthy Heart and Liver:

Blood donation is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload in the body. Blood donation helps in maintaining safe iron levels and reduces the risk of various health ailments that can affect major organs.

Weight Loss:

Regular blood donation reduces the weight of the donors, however, blood donation should be advised by your doctor.

Female: Every 4 months   Male: Every 3 months

Donating blood is helpful to those who are obese and are at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health disorders.

Produces New Blood Cells: 

After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss.

This stimulates the production of new blood cells and helps in maintaining good health.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Elevate cholesterol levels are one of the risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease.

We test for blood group and Haemoglobin:


Conditions for Donating Blood:

Age: 18-60 years old

Weight: From 45 kilograms (100 pounds)

Physical Condition: Healthy

Before Donating Blood

Don’t drink alcohol.

Have enough sleep.

Do not take aspirin 3 days before donating blood.

Have a good breakfast.

Drink plenty of water and juice before hand.

After Donating Blood

Have a snack and rest for 10 minutes.

Drink plenty water and juice to rehydrate.

You can exercise and work as normal, but avoid lifting heavy objects with the hand where the blood was taken from – because it may cause bleeding.

If you wish to give blood, just go to the hospital – follow the signs to the Blood Collecting Department and there will be someone there to help you.

Your donation will be gratefully accepted!

Address: Hospital Road (top of Pub Street and turn left)

Telephone: 063 64 50 505 or 097 20 88 971

Email: [email protected]

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