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Remember the trips to the school or community library as a child? Like most kids, were you hungry to get your hands on something interesting or exciting to read? Children around the world are the same and they still get fired up about the enchantment of a story or exploring the wonder of the world through books.

But that all stopped for the children of Cambodia after a 20-year war broke out that ended in 1999 and now things are only beginning to return to normal.

ecstatic pizza Siem ReapHungry Monkey is an initiative started by the owners of Ecstatic Pizza Restaurant – Bun Sarom and Chey Yarin along with their staff and volunteer are giving an opportunity for all children to read.

Sadly rural Cambodian libraries are few and far between, and if one exists they only have minimal and tattered books available.

Sarom remembers going to his village school where there were no library books, while Yarin herself, a mother of two avid young readers, knows the value of books.

Hungry Monkey is trying to change all that.

Through their Ecstatic Pizza Restaurants Siem Reap, they collect donations, order books, keep records of titles sent out to schools and deliver books once a month.

Hungry monkey is a literary program Khmer owned and a Non-Profit organization.

How it all Works?

It is actually pretty simple…Ecstatic Pizza Restaurant has 2 locations, where you will find a bookshelf with a selection of 25-30 Khmer language children’s books.

hungry monkeyCustomers can choose to donate a book by simply:-

  1. Selecting a book
  2. Completing an order form available at the bookshelf
  3. Pay us the amount of the order
  4. For accountability purposes, when your order is placed, you will receive a numbered receipt.
  5. Each month an order of books corresponding to the donations will be purchased and delivered to a selected school library.

The Hungry Monkey Facebook Page and website will be updated with the progress and activities of the program regularly.

This initiative is a golden opportunity to nature young Khmer learners, so they may grow and become the future leaders of tomorrow.

We have two convenient locations where we receive donations and will be grateful for any help you can give. We also have a quiz night at Ivy Guest House where once a month the proceeds go to Hungry Monkey.

If you would like to know of other places to help while in Siem Reap, visit our Volunteer Section.

Please join us and be part of the story.

Ecstatic Pizza Siem Reap

012 436 869
011 928 531

26 Street Pi Thnou, Mondul 1
Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap
(Near Old Market)

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Ecstatic Pizza II

012 436 869
011 928 531

Sok San Road 
(Across from Party House)

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For more places where you can volunteer in Siem Reap visit our  Volunteer Section and see how you can help.

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