Khmer Hidden Home Restaurant 

Kunthea used to work at the helicopter service for 15 years and decided she wanted a change to support her 3 children, so she decided to go into business for herself and open up her own restaurant.

Khmer Hidden Home Restaurant She has had her place for over 2 years and serves a wonderful range of both Khmer and Western food at her family restaurant.

With each meal – we offer free ice tea and fruit salad for desert.

Our restaurant also offers free Wifi to customers. 

We have a wonderful range of vegetarian meals and all our dishes are served with rice.

All our meals are well priced and range between $2 – $7.00.

Our signature dish Somlor Kthih Trob with chicken (egg plant soup with coconut cream and chicken).

See TripAdvisor, Google reviews, Facebook for further information.

Come and try our delicious food for yourself!

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Contact Details

Address: Taphul Road

Telephone: 092 832 466


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