Landmines Still Lurk In Cambodia

Landmines are still one of the big dangers in Cambodia today in the country areas used for food production. Both China and the USA have pledged to help clear unexploded land mines that are still sitting in the ground many years after the war in Cambodia ended.

These landmines are located in rural areas and still to this day, injuries occur on a regular basis to the people who least can afford it. Locals of these provincial areas are the ones who are effected and mainly farmers, where their families rely on their meager income to survive.

The fact that mines are still present in Cambodia, poses a devastating problem to many people.

With the combination of aid from China and USA, there is hope that great strides will be made in irradiating a problem which should never have existed.

Creative methods are also being used to address this serious problem. Bomb sniffing rats are being employed to detect these bombs in the ground and read our fascinating article about these specially trained rats.

The aim of both China and the US government is to clear all the unexploded landmines in Cambodia by the year 2025 with an estimated cost of 400 million dollars.

While leveling a road in Takeo Provence, engineers uncovered 10 unexploded bombs during their roadworks but luckily they did not explode. These are the hidden dangers people in country areas face every day as landmines still lurk in Cambodia.

This cleanup is essential for the country to move forward and many feel that the US have a moral obligation to assist with the clearing of the mines.

Many of these landmines are a result of a combination of the dictator Pol Pot during his reign of destruction and the US military while involved in the Vietnam war.

US intelligence believed that the Vietnamese Liberation Front used a network and a supply routes that partially ran through Laos and Cambodia. The US dropped a devastating amount of bombs on neutral Cambodia to stop the Vietnamese route.

Authorized by President Richard Nixon without the knowledge or approval of U.S. Congress, the United States dropped upwards of 2.7 million tons of bombs on Cambodia. The bombs dropped, exceeded the total amount dropped on Japan during WWII and resulted in displacing 30% of Cambodia’s population.

The bombings became public knowledge in 1973, only after the US military had stopped bombing. Not only US citizens – but the world was outraged and Nixon was never held accountable. The devastation he had ordered on this neutral land almost obliterated Cambodia, with its only crime being geographically located next door to Vietnam.

China is contributing to the reestablishment of Cambodia and giving much aid to eliminate this still exiting problem of landmines.

The Chinese government is assisting Cambodia to get back on her feet, which is now becoming one of the premium tourist destinations in Asia.

Siem Reap is a very popular place to visit in Cambodia and is the home of one of the 7 wonders of the world located nearby, Angkor Wat.  The largest religious monument in the world, it is an amazing feat of architecture that was constructed in the 12th century.

A holiday to Cambodia is rich with experience where you have the opportunity to have try new like never before.

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