Angkor Seeing Hands Massage By The Blind

If you want an amazing massage…look no further than Angkor Seeing Hands and is a wonderful place to get a great therapeutic massage.

Operated by people who are visually impaired, they are able to feel out the stresses and strains of your body like no other.

Our trained practitioners specialize in both Amna and Shiatsu massage from Japan that relieves stress, anxiety, body pain, arthritis, foot and ankle problems, plantar fasciitis.

Angkor Seeing Hands Massage was started by an incredible lady Taxy and her younger brother Chin.

Taxy was the oldest of 6 children and lost most of her eyesight at the age of 5 years old, when her family were fleeing from the Khmer Rouge.

During their escape, before Chin was born, Taxy became very sick and was unable to see a doctor. Due to her condition, she nearly died – and survived against all odds but her eyes sight quickly deteriorated leaving Taxy blind.

After the war was over, her family settle back into country life as rice farmers and Taxy had to adapt to her new condition.

While her other siblings grew, they were able to go to the city and work in various jobs  – this left Taxy feeling sad that she could not help her family. Then one day in 2003, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) passed through her town and offered Taxy help.

With their assistance in 2004, she was taken to Phnom Pehn (the capital of Cambodia),where Taxy was trained in the art of deep tissue massage in a special program constructed for the blind. While she was there, she met a young man named Muay, who was also training and there they fell in love, soon to be married.

Taxy’s younger brother Chin wanted to help his sister and has seen her struggles. In 2012 he trained in hospitality and once he was qualified brought his sister to Siem Reap. Here he wanted to give the opportunity to start her own business.

Now 5 years later Taxy, Muay with the help of Chin – have opened up Angkor Seeing Hands Massage and have big plans.

They would like to help other vision impaired people and become a training school for blind people in the art of massage.

They would like to help other visually impaired people and become a training school for blind people in the art of massage.

As Chin explains, “It is very important to help our community and to assist people who otherwise would have no prospects of work.”

Angkor Seeing Hands Massage have been recommended on TripAdvisor or see our Facebook page for details

Visiting Angkor Seeing Hands Massage is an amazing experience if you want a wonderful deep tissue, therapeutic massage.


Opening Hours: 9 am – 11 pm


Body Massage (no oil) 60 minutes $5.00/ 90 minutes $8.00

Body Massage (oil) 60 minutes $8.00/ 90 minutes $12.00

Foot Massage 60 minutes $5.00/ 90 minutes $8.00

To make an appointment please ring Chin directly 098 806 998 or 078 699 979


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