Art Box – Where Art Comes Alive!

Art Box is the world’s largest museum of fantasy beyond the limits of trick art….and what is trick art you may ask?

Where optical illusions are created and taking 2D art in such a way, so it feels that it is 3-D and has come alive. This is an incredible experience of perception that will take you into a world of imagination.

Come and visit us for an amazing experience and we have over 130 exhibitions and include:-

  • The 7 Wonders of the World
  • Angkor
  • Europe
  • Egypt
  • Animal
  • Agua
  • Optical Illusions

Here is what some people have to say about this unique exhibition on TripAdvisor:

Great fun and some amazing photos..

A great place to hide from the sun for a few hours. Would highly recommend.

James D

Lots of Fun

It was a lot of fun with crazy 3D art that allows you to take some really cool photos and the illusions at work are just fun. The snowy winter Angkor entrance is a particularly fun one to mess with the folks back home. Worth the trip.

Les E

Highly recommended! Must visit in Seam Reap

I visited alone but I really enjoyed a lot in Artbox. The staffs there certainly know how to impress the customer! The staffs are all around the museum and they are really friendly and helpful, they showed me the good poses for each painting and helped me to take the best photos.

As the Artbox museum is the biggest 3D Art Museum in world. It was incredibly huge, much bigger than I imagined. Great 3d art paintings were everywhere in the museum, so I didn’t either wait or line up for any paintings.

I had been to the other museums and tourist spots in Seam Reap but I enjoyed here the most. I would love share the amazing experience once more with my friends. Highly recommended!

Come and join us at Art Box, where you are guaranteed to have loads of fun!


Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Telephone: 063 900 600/ 063 900 700

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