Soul Train Reggae Bar


Come And Join The Party!

Soul Train Reggae Bar, the ONLY reggae bar in Siem Reap

Dedicated to all shades of reggae and honoring the king of reggae – the late Bob Marley.

Soul Train Reggae Bar has been operating for about 3 years but with new ownership was renamed, and went from Soul Train Cocktail Bar to Soul Train Reggae Bar. 

Soul Train Reggae Bar, Siem Reap

Try and beat JD at Soul Train Reggae Bar, Siem Reap and get a free beer!

That’s when we hit the bar trail as there are so many reggae lovers out there and our bar is unique and absolutely dedicated to reggae.

Have a Fun night out with us!

  • Join in on our reggaeoke – we take music requests on demand and sing with our mic.

  • We offer fabulous beers and cocktails at very reasonable prices.

  • Have lots of Jamaican drinks and shots.

  • We have many of games such as Connect 4, Genga, Jackpot, Chess, Uno and playing cards….and if you think you can beat out amazing DJ, the dreadlocked Khmer reggae lover, you can win a free beer.

    Be warned, he rarely loses!

  • Soul Train Reggae Bar, Siem Reap

    Come to Soul Train Reggae Bar, Siem Reap and soak up the vibe

    Our bar comes with its own bongo drums, guitar, ukulele and tambourine for serious, or not so serious, jamming sessions! 

    A firm favourite!

Every night is same – same but different.  Our customers include dedicated Expats who love the bar and call it home, they love the staff and of course the music. 

We have lots of lovely locals who are learning about reggae and just feel the friendly chilled vibes of the bar. And of course, all the tourists who come through this wonderful town to visit the Angkor Wat and make another discovery – Soul Train Reggae Bar!

We have fabulous staff including Rachel, the Aussie owner, JD our DJ, and Veena our bartender who knows all the drinks so ask him for anything.

OPENING HOURS: 5 pm till late

See you all soon at the BEST bar in Siem Reap!!!

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How To Find Us:

We are easy to find if you know Pub Street – just walk down Pub Street towards the U Care Pharmacy.

Beside U Care is a brightly lit street often called Little Pub Street. 20 meters and you are in Jamaica, in a chilled, friendly bar like no other bar in town.

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