The Bug Cart

A Clean & Safe Bug Eating Experience

This is a challenge not for the feint hearted

…and can you do it?

You have seen it on television or maybe a documentary…but could you eat a scorpion a stick, perhaps crunchy cockroaches….or always a crowd favorite – deep fried tarantula.

The Bug Cart provides you with this unique opportunity in a clean and safe way for an experience you will never forget.

We all travel to have challenges, adventures and new experiences.

Eating from The Bug Cart in Siem Reap will be a memory you’ll keep, long after your holiday is over and will evoke fun recollections for years to come.

What a better story to go home to tell your family and friends of the time you ate a bug in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The Bug Cart Menu:

        * Tasty Tarantula

        * Succulent Snake

        * Savory Scorpion

        * Crickets on a Stick

with your choice of Chili, BBQ and Tomato Sauce 🙂

The Bug Cart

To make sure you don’t go home with more than a great memory and ensure a safe experience – your bug is cooked over an open flame. This removes any bacteria, so you can have a unique, challenging and memorable experience with no hidden surprises.

The Bug Cart Hall of Fame – Where We Pay Homage To You!


The The Bug Cart Hall of Fame is a place where we recognize your outstanding achievement!

We want the world to see your sheer courage, iron will and stomach of steel.

Cambodian B.u.z.z. produces regular videos of our Bug Cart Champions. We will feature you in one of our The Bug Cart Champions Remix’s, which you can share on your own social media.

All you need to do is….

Like us on  Facebook.

Send us your video via personal message.

Cambodian B.u.z.z. will feature you in our  Bug Cart Hall of Fame  where we will post your video on our  YouTube Channel  and The Bug Cart Facebook Page. You can share the video on your own social media for a laugh with your friends and family.

You can also follow us on Instagram Google+ and Twitter @TheBugCart – so come and join in the fun!

SAVE 25% when having your Bug Eating Experience!


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