The Famous Pub Street is where all the action happens at night, considered the heart of Siem Reap – and a vibrant place to be.

Pub Street is lined with discos, live bands and a variety of fantastic restaurants… it is the spark that injects life at night into Siem Reap.

Music, flashing lights and a great atmosphere – it is the place where the party is always happening.

The famous pub streetAny night of the week Pub Street is always pumping and you can meet new friend, while drinking cocktails from the small vendors that line the road; or soaking up the rich energy that Siem Reap has to offer.

If you like something a little more quiet… there are plenty of places that you can go that are away from Pub Street. Here the mood is relaxed and more laid back…all within walking distance.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to create a memory you will never forget. Why not take the The Eat – A – Bug Challenge?

Just see one of the Cambodian Buzz Vendors, tell them that you would like to be initiated into The Cambodian Buzz Eat – A – Bug Hall Of Fame.

Pub Street is a fun and exciting place to be when the sun goes down…and a somewhere you don’t want to miss out on.