Trav Kot

Moving Echo Tourism Forward

Trav Kot is a pristine lake with transparent water and natural landscape located on the East side of Siem Reap town, which is approximately a 1-hour drive away and found in Bakong District.

It is the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend or if you want to get back in touch with nature, where you’ll have time to relax.

It is a new eco-tourism area that is slowly, being developed to bring more people out to the community to see true rural life in Cambodia.  If you are interested to see local people lifestyles and how they live – this is a place that should be considered.

A really is a beautiful spot with nice clean lake water where you can swim and fish, with grassed areas where you can sit back, enjoy the view and have a picnic.

There are open wooden houses with hammocks where you can relax or ride the swan paddle boats around the lake.  

Like most of Cambodia, the food at Trav Kot is a reasonable price where they use good quality, fresh ingredients and most restaurants specialize in fish and chicken dishes.

Trav Kot is integrating natural resource management with the aim of increasing natural fish stock and conserve many water bird species that migrate to this area. The project is focused on community conservation and has committee members that are developing a forest management plan for the conservation of the 99-hectare area.

The project supports community-based echo tourism to generate more income for their conservation efforts. Moreover, it is designed to reduce the pressure on from the fisheries and forestry resources, while the project also introduces small scale fishing culture techniques for more than 100 poor farmers in the target area.

This is where many of the locals go for their holidays and if you wish to stay overnight or for a few days, there is accommodation available.

At Trav Kot you are sure to relax, soak up the sun and have a wonderful time in an eco-friendly environment.

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  1. fourquet December 7, 2017 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    I want to go there and sleep one night. Is it possible?

    • admin December 9, 2017 at 4:36 am - Reply

      I am not sure….I think you probably could. Let us know if you do 🙂

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